Development of Outreach Website


As a part of its wider outreach efforts to raise visibility of IETC and CCET as a collaborative project between UNEP and IGES, CCET has launched a website to communicate the organization, its mandate and operations, as well as to disseminate the knowledge products developed through its operations, with an expectation that it would evolve into an online resource center for waste and resource management issues, complementing the preceding efforts by IETC.
The website plays a role as one of many communication tools for “delivering the right information to those who are in need of the very information”. While understanding the knowledge gap and/or information needs of waste management professionals, generating valuable information/publication that answer to such gaps and needs, and developing the pool of audiences (such as waste management professionals, policy makers, researchers, private sector, NGOs, and other development institutions) should be at the center of CCET’s outreach activity, it is equally important to strategize how such information can be delivered in order for the resources to reach an intended audience, actually fulfilling their needs; and at the same time cultivate untapped audiences the CCET has not established relation with. In this regard, website will occupy an important piece of CCET’s outreach activity complementing other communication methodologies, through providing support to the Centre’s outreach effort in both front.
This report provides brief summary of the website developed and launched in October 2017, in terms of its basic functions, access records, and uploaded contents, and present a few findings from the analysis of collected access records for improving communication tactics. While the site is still in an inception stage, the uploaded contents will be gradually strengthened overtime both in quality and volume.