ASEAN Cities Innovate to Tackle Organic Waste


In ASEAN cities, ‘waste management’ is persistently cited as the top challenge faced by local governments. Ideally, ‘sound’ waste management approaches should be grounded in scientific principles, utilise appropriate technologies, be financially feasible and also socially sensible – a demanding package far from the grasp of many cities. So far, considerable attention has been paid to the non-biodegradable, inorganic fraction (e.g. packaging, plastics, metals etc.), even though organic and biodegradable waste (e.g. food and kitchen waste) form the bulk of municipal waste in most developing cities. Arguably, innovative interventions targeting this majority waste stream is a crucial part of solving the waste challenge in ASEAN. This article shares three case studies from innovation by cities participating in under the ASEAN ESC Model Cities Programme.

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