Experimenting Sustainability Initiative on Urban Transport in Indonesia: Awareness Raising on Road Safety and encouraging to use Public Bus for School Trip in Semarang City.

Proceedings of the eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies所収
Volume (Issue): 12

This article describes awareness raising campaign and engagement of junior high school students as one of major users and its impacts on the knowledge and intentions to use public bus in developing city. The awareness program was conducted through the planning of activities; implementation of training and evaluation of programs. To capture the future BRT they want, a drawing competition was conducted among junior high school students at three schools in Semarang City, Indonesia. The pre and post training survey was conducted to observe the impact of awareness program on student’s understanding and intention to use BRT for daily commuting. To improve student’s knowledge and behavior on BRT, multilevel governance on stakeholder engagement needs to be conducted properly, both vertically between school and the agencies at city level, and also among agencies within city government administrative. There was also the need for strong collaboration among stakeholders within schools.