Voluntary Local Review Workshop

VLR Training @ADB-LOGIN Workshop


This one-day training focused on introducing the theory, method, and practices of Voluntary Local Review (VLR) to the members of LOGIN. Throughout the day, participants listened to lectures and participated in exercises to dig into the principles and contents of a VLR, and learned how conducting one can be meaningful for member cities. By doing so, this workshop aimed to increase attendees' comprehension of VLR, and improve their ability to predict challenges and opportunities for carrying one out. As a result, participants would also be better able to spread the word about VLRs to their respective member cities for potential implementation.

Three key objectives

  1. 1. Introduce VLRs to the members of LOGIN (Theory): this includes the history, trends, contents, gaps, and potential development of the VLRs.
  2. 2. Enable participants to explain to its association members what a VLR is, and how villages, towns, cities, and/or regions can conduct it (Practice): this includes introducing a concrete method and framework for the VLRs, based on the “Shimokawa Method: 10 steps for VLR.” Unlike the first objective, this is instead focused on participants' capacity to articulate the challenges and opportunities for their particular municipality.
  3. 3. To make participants aware of available resources in the region, from respective development partners, that can be used in the potential VLR processes (Resources): this touches upon existing organisational resources and available links, including about the ten steps for VLR, as each step sometimes requires technical and methodological support to be achieved.



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