Understanding and Perspectives on EPR Frameworks within the Global Plastic Treaty Context

Event: 5th ERIA Experts Working Group (EWG) on Marine Plastic Debris Meeting
Date: March 5-6, 2024 (Bangkok, Thailand)

The presentation overview the current discussion on Extended Producer Responsibility under international negotiation committee on international-legally-binding instrument. The presentation highlighted the followiong points.

-INC3 Zero Draft of ILBI: Extended Producer Responsibility systems is a part of policy instruments required for the parties to establish.

-Global Action Partnership for Extended Producer Responsibility (GAP for EPR) was launched through collaboration of GIZ, WWF and OECD.

-ASEAN Regional Action Plan for Combatting Marine Plastic Debris proposes to establish a Regional Platform for EPR Knowledge and Implementation Support (The WB Project)

-Indonesia started accession process to the OECD Member→Indonesia is required to adopt and implement EPR mechanism in its waste and recycling polices.