Stocktake for raising the climate ambition: Talanoa Dialogue for Global Stocktake

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This paper outlines the Talanoa Dialogue and the Global Stocktake, with a view to seeking their mutual implications. In particular, this paper aims: 1) to summarise and provide an overview of the current status of the Talanoa Dialogue and Global Stocktake; 2) to examine the commonality, differences, and linkages between the stocktakes that have been perceived up to present; and 3) to provide a policy recommendation to inform the better designing of the Global Stocktake (and implementation of the Talanoa Dialogue towards COP24 where appropriate). While the Talanoa Dialogue is on-going, and the detailed procedural aspects of the Global Stocktake is under construction, it identified some commonalities between these stocktakes and the potential lessons to be learnt from the Talanoa Dialogue to the Global Stocktake.