Report of the First Phase Strategic Research: Environmental Education Project

This report summarizes the activities and findings of the Environmental Education Project for the past three years. Divided into four parts, the report describes twin objectives of the Project as formulating a comprehensive strategy of environmental education in the region and developing a mechanism to implement it. Its major activities include (1) assessment of the overall status of environmental education in the region, (2) studies on environmental education through business and industry, NGOs, media and higher education and (3) formulation of a regional strategy. Environmental education in the Asia-Pacific region is characterized by a lack of policy and coordination, conventional curricula, book-based and examination-oriented teaching and shortages of teaching materials. The proposed strategy suggests five action agendas: (1) strengthening capacity, (2) eveloping partnerships, (3) improving curricula, (4) improving governance and (5) mobilizing assistance. The report emphasizes the need for more action at the grassroots level. The final self-evaluation highlights both the originality of project outputs and the lack of a coherent approach in project management, and recommends learning from failure, capitalizing on strengths and promoting inter-project coordination in the second phase.