Quality Education for Sustainable Development: Framing Perspectives on post-­‐ DESD and post-­‐2015 Education by Integrating Education for Sustainable Development and Quality Education.

Event: Education for Sustainable Development: Towards the Sustainable University. Conference on Education for Sustainability in Higher Education: Achievements and Prospects. Plymouth University, UK, 2015
Date: 9

Drawing on education for sustainable development (ESD) research findings, existing literature and current discourse on the future of education (especially at conferences and education policy processes, the paper discusses aspects of quality education and ESD and proposes that the two should be merged into quality education for sustainable development (QESD). QESD should be the cornerstone to achieving human development that is sustainable. The paper also proposes ten components as among the essentials for a successful implementation of QESD.


Edited by Lynne Wyness