Education for Sustainable Waste Management Practices - Ecology Note Towards a Clean, Green and Beautiful Bhutan -

Event: International Conference on Environmental Sustainability Through Waste and Recycling
Date: April 10-12 2023
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In order to address to emerging environmental issues, it is important to encourage stakeholders to take responsible actions through education that includes awareness raising and capacity development. In the field of waste management, education plays a critical role in establishing the 3Rs principles (reduce, reuse and recycle) and promoting more sustainable consumption patterns that prevent waste generation and achieve proper waste management. It is especially important to empower the young generation through environmental education, so that they make responsible decisions and take actions early on in life. Therefore, alongside its provision of support for proper waste management, the IGES Centre Collaborating with UNEP on Environmental Technologies (CCET) has been helping to develop environmental education programs and materials for partner countries in Asia, including Myanmar, Cambodia and Bhutan.

In this context, CCET’s “Ecology Note” educational material, which is based on the local context of the country, including their daily customs, lifestyle, and Gross National Happiness, was adopted nationwide by Bhutanese elementary schools at the request of the country's National Environment Commission.

Based on CCET’s experience in waste management, the Ecology Note was designed to provide opportunities to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility. Using an active learning approach, it also aimed to foster the ability to identify and analyse key issues and find optimal solutions by employing collaborative and self-motivated activities such as exploration, discussions, and presentations. The booklet also deepened students’ understanding of sustainable waste and resource management topics including waste prevention, composting, and the 3Rs in general.