Adaptation effectiveness indicators: Moving towards Local Adaptation Index

Event: 4th International Conference on Climate Change
Date: 12-13 July 2012, Seattle, Washington
Adaptation effectiveness indicators: Moving towards Local Adaptation Index

The study on adaptation effectiveness indicators has been carried out by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) in collaboration with national partners such as BCAS, ICIMOD and TERI in the Gangetic basin with the Strategic Environment Research fund of the Ministry of Environment, Government of Japan (S8). The study follows the approach of identifying local effectiveness indicators in a participatory manner which will be integrated into the Global Adaptation Index (GaIn) in order to arrive at Local Adaptation Index (LaIn). A broad set of effectiveness indicators were identified first by conducting literature review followed by a regional consultation workshop and these indicators were further vetted at national level expert consultation meetings where individual indicators were visited for their relevance to the country and study location specific circumstances. These indicators were transformed into structured questionnaires for consultations with local farming communities, district administration and nongovernmental organizations that engage in implementing adaptation projects. The survey data has been statistically analyzed for identifying associations between adaptation practices and various socio-economic characteristics (Pearson chi-square test). The indicators are currently been quantified for integration into a form of Local Adaptation Index (LaIn) following the methodology set by the GaIn.


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R. Kotru, ICIMOD
D. Mohan, TERI
N. Heider, BCAS