Breaking the Plastic Habit in Asia: A Public Dialogue On the Application of Behavioural Insights

9.30 - 11.30 AM (GMT+7) / 11:30 - 13:30 (JST), 9 November 2023

The Asia-Pacific region faces a daunting challenge with its growing plastic waste, particularly from single-use plastics. Tackling this issue goes beyond regulations and requires a deep understanding of stakeholder behaviour. This unique event, spearheaded by IGES and ERIA, will shed light on the potential of behavioural insights, drawing from disciplines such as psychology, cognitive science, and social science. These insights offer a roadmap to drive transformative behavioural changes, nudging communities towards sustainable, low-waste practices.

Participants will learn from real-world case studies from a recent Asia-Pacific project. Teams from four nations—Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam—successfully implemented behavioural interventions, showcasing tangible reductions in plastic consumption. These on-the-ground successes will serve as a beacon, illustrating the profound impacts such strategies can yield.

The dialogue is meticulously designed to equip attendees—from practitioners and policymakers to city representatives, businesses, and educators—with actionable tools and strategies. Emphasis will be placed on the pivotal role behavioural insights can play in shaping effective waste reduction strategies for Asian cities and communities. By attending, stakeholders will be better positioned to champion, adapt, and amplify these innovative approaches, joining hands in a collective, informed fight against single-use plastics.


9.30 - 11.30 AM (GMT+7) / 11:30 - 13:30 (JST), 9 November 2023

ERIA Annex, Sentral Senayan II - 15th floor, Central Jakarta & Online (Hybrid)



09:30-09:40 Welcome remarks

Reo Kawamura, Director for Environmental Policy and the RKC-MPD, ERIA (TBD)

09:40-10:00 Keynote Jo Komala, Director of Environmental Partnership, Ministry of the Environment and Forestry, Indonesia  
10:00-10:15 Introduction Introduction to ERIA-IGES Behaviour Insights Project
Atsushi Watabe, Programme Director, Sustainable Consumption and Production Area, IGES

Panel discussion & Interaction "Nudging for a Plastic-Free Asia"

The pilot teams from 4 countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam) will exchange their views on their achievements, challenges and the way forward toward further mainstreaming of the application of behavioral insights into reduction of single-use plastics in Asia.

Arisman, Executive Director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Nuta Supakata, Professor, Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University
Diep Dinh Phong, Vice Director, Southern Institute of Ecology
Brida Lea Dizon Diola, Professor, Institute of Civil Engineering, University of the Philippines Diliman
Noriza Tibon Sadie, Assistant Professor, University of the Philippines Diliman

Dwayne Appleby, Programme Manager, Sustainable Consumption and Production Area, IGES

11:25-11:30 Closing remarks ERIA  

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