Motivation of Japanese Citizens to Utilize International Carbon Crediting and Individual Offsetting: An Experimental Survey Offering an Actual Offsetting Opportunity

EcoBalance 2010, 12 Nov. 2010

We conducted a social survey in the Japanese cities of Yokohama and Kitakyushu and classified citizens into groups regarding attitudes and behavior on climate change and developmental cooperation, identifying each group’s state of support to international intercity cooperation for the environment. The survey not only collected relevant attitudinal and behavioral data including attitudes on carbon crediting but provided the respondents with opportunities of carbon offsetting as remuneration to obtain real action data. The principle component analysis and cluster analysis show there are five groups in terms of preference of carbon crediting as well as interests in climate protection and international development. The group of global environment contributors, opposing carbon crediting, is most supportive of international intercity environmental cooperation. The citizens of Yokohama are more idealistic and those of Kitakyushu are more interested in materialistic
benefits to the city such as employment.