Mitigation Co-Benefits of Adaptation Actions in Agriculture: An Opportunity for Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture in Indonesia

Asian Journal of Environment and Disaster Management所収
Volume (Issue): 4 (4)

The government of Indonesia has been promoting the system of rice intensification with emphasis on resource use efficiency and climate change adaptation benefits. One question remained to be seen is how the system of rice intensification compares with other technologies such as zero tillage, composting, and leaf color charts which have also been advocated for resource conservation, climate change adaptation and mitigation benefits. In this paper, we made an attempt to quantify the mitigation co-benefits of various agriculture technologies and compared them with the system of rice intensification through marginal abatement costs and cost benefit analysis. The analysis has indicated higher mitigation potential for the system of rice intensification compared to other technologies in question. However, zero tillage provides least marginal abatement cost and higher returns per dollar invested and hence could be a better choice.When assessed for the nationwide mitigation potential, system of rice intensification provides greater mitigation potential compared to other technologies.