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JCM workshop: Upscaling the JCM for enhancing NDCs implementation towards achieving the goal of Paris Agreement
This presentation explains how countries should make reporting of use of international market mechanisms under Paris Agreement, taking into account the implementation rules for a transparency framework adopted at COP24 in December, 2018. It is essential for countries to have GHG inventories as emissions data and information on transfer of units...
―企業のレポーティングと情報開示― 「高まるレポーティングの重要性と最新動向」
2019年1月23日に開催したミニシンポジウム(IGES共催)「―企業のレポーティングと情報開示―「高まるレポーティングの重要性と最新動向」」での報告資料です。 「SDGsを企業報告に統合するための実践ガイド(日本語翻訳版)」は、以下よりご取得いただけます。
Parties to the Paris Agreement agreed to ensure avoidance of double counting of emissions reductions from the use of international market mechanisms. Although useful data may be available, Parties have limited experience and guidance from the UNFCCC on what data to report in the transparency framework pre-Paris Agreement. If the current reporting...