Institutional arrangement of tree growing in tropical regions for climate change mitigation.


Tree growing in the tropics has been attracting international attention in recent years as a climate change mitigation measure, and potential sites for afforestation have been identified. However, past experience has shown that afforestation projects in the tropics are accompanied by issues such as land rights and medium- to long-term management systems in the target areas. Although the issues have been well raised, knowledge on methods of successful implementation of tree growing activities has not been sufficiently demonstrated.

This study uses a case study approach based on the existing literature to first identify the methodological issues involved in tree growing projects in tropical regions (see Table 1). Next, I analyze how successful cases of tree growing projects have addressed these challenges. As successful cases, we will discuss the cases of northern Vietnam and the central highlands of Madagascar. We will then discuss how these methodological findings can be applied to the implementation of tree growing projects as climate change mitigation measures.