Food waste Prevention

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The overall objective of the REDUCTIONS* project is to identify the potential for absolute resource and energy use reduction in production-consumption systems at all levels and to explore ways to realise this potential. The project has the ambition to generate knowledge-for-action and aims to propose science-based policies and strategies with a high potential to achieve substantial reductions.
This case study focuses on the prevention of food waste along the value chain, with special focus on avoidable food losses in households. It describes resource reduction potentials based on empirical case studies in several European Union (EU) member states on national, regional and local levels. Through an exploration of the varying success of waste prevention policies it discusses policy implications and the potential for replication in other countries and sectors.


This fact sheet is based on:
Wilts, H., Dehoust, G., Jepsen, D. et al. (2013) Eco-innovations for waste prevention-Best practices, drivers and barriers. Science of the Total Environment. 461–462: 823–829.