European Green Construction in the 21st Century


1.       Exploring the catalysts for sustainable building in Europe

2.      Case Studies of Individual Buildings
a)      High Tech approach: House R128 by Sobek
b)      Re-Using existing structures: Air Raid Shelter
c)      Greening architecture and cities: Vertical Gardens
d)      Re-discovering old building materials: Wooden high-rise building 

3.      Community level Case-Studies:
a)      BEDZED: Beddington Zero Energy Development
b)      Low2No model in Helsinki
c)      Hammarby Sjoestad: New 200 hectare city district in Stockholm

4. Combining Bottom-Up Innovation and Policy Entrepreneurship
for a Green Built Environment


Presentation to Sudents of:
Keio University Graduate School of Media & Governance
Master's Program "Advanced research: Green Innovation