Directions and Suggestions for North Korea’s Sustainable Development and its Contributions to SDGs

Event: The International Conference of the Association of Korean Economic Studies
Date: June 25-26, 2018
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Based on the accumulated experiences and outputs of SDGs studies and policy suggestions in 9 countries IGES implemented and provided, this presentation identifies the priority areas for SDGs studies in general at a country level which to be applied for North Korea (N.Korea). In addition, reflecting the features of political, economic and social background in the previously studied countries, it discusses the characteristics at this phase and future direction of N. Korea's sustainable development and SDG policies, which contributes as the initial milestone for further discussion of N.Korea’s SD and its contribution to SDGs. In the end, addressing an optional study of N.Korea case using SDGs interlinkage tool, this presentation shows the expected study output that help for integrated governance and policy coherence in implementing the SDGs in N.Korea.