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Submission to Policy Process
This submission outlines our experiences and lessons learned in relation to conducting the first GST, providing following six key refinements for the second GST from the perspective of enhancing the impact of non-Party stakeholders’ engagement: Mechanism to encourage submissions Effective use of submissions Format of technical dialogues...
Discussion Paper
Harun Or
Focusing on the context of Bangladesh, this discussion paper explores the potential of agrivoltaics for unlocking co-benefits of clean energy, GHG reduction and better livelihood potentials in rural areas of Bangladesh. In alignment to the Government of Bangladesh’s vision for net-zero transition and established policies, the paper underlines the...
Translation of non-IGES Material
United Nations Environment Programme [UNEP]
国連環境計画(UNEP)が発表した「Emissions Gap Report 2023: Broken Record –Temperatures hit new highs, yet world fails to cut emissions (again) - Executive Summary」の日本語翻訳版(暫定非公式訳)。誓約された温室効果ガス排出削減量とパリ協定の長期気温目標に整合するために必要な削減量との間のギャップ、およびこのギャップを埋める機会について独立した科学に基づく評価を提供している。国連気候変動枠組条約第28回締約国会議(COP28)に先駆けて発行された本版では、グローバル・ストックテイクの最終的な議論に最適な知見を提供するとともに...
Commissioned Report
Data or Tool
IGES Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Database provides detailed information on the JCM methodologies, projects, and JCM feasibility studies to be utilized for research and development of JCM project. The JCM is being implemented under bilateral cooperation between Japan and 29 partner countries: Mongolia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Maldives, Viet...
Commissioned Report
本業務では、国立研究開発法人宇宙航空研究開発機構(JAXA)が有する衛星技術・製品・知見の第1回グローバル・ストックテイク等の国際環境政策への活用促進に向けた調査や支援を実施することを目的とし、(1)グローバル・ストックテイクに関わる支援、(2)ALOS 事例調査と実用可能性調査、(3)グローバル・メタン・プレッジへの貢献に向けたGOSAT データ活用促進支援に関する3 つの業務を実施した。
Commissioned Report
Presented at the JCM Global Partnership meeting from Feb 27-29 2024, this presentation shares the findings from a conducted questionnaire aimed at assessing the readiness of JCM partner countries for Article 6 reporting, particularly on submission of initial reports in 2024. key insights drawn from the analysis include: Initial Report Submission in...
Data or Tool
IGES's CDM Programme of Activities (PoA) Database aims at providing comprehensive and organised information on PoAs in an easy-to-understand way. It also compiles information on Component Project Activities (CPAs). The database allows users to search for specific data on each project in the pipeline more easily and enables them to use relevant...
Data or Tool
IGES CDM Project Database aims at providing information to be utilized for research and analysis on the process of CDM project development, credit issuance, and the status of its procedures. The information of relevant items are extracted from the publicly available sources on the UNFCCC web-site. The UNFCCC Secretariat and IGES have signed a...
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Updated: January 2024

IGES Activity on COP28

Hosted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the 28th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP28) will begin on 30 November 2023. Before, during and after COP28, this Special Webpage
Updated: September 2023

G20 (2023) Special webpage

In September, the G20 Summit will convene in New Delhi, India. The world is now facing the simultaneous crises of climate change and biodiversity loss, as well as tackling the consequences of Russia's invasion of Ukraine over one year ago. To deal wi
Updated: July 2023

G7 (2023) Special webpage

The G7 Ministers' Meeting on Climate, Energy, and Environment was recently held in Sapporo, Japan, ahead of the G7 Hiroshima Summit on May 19-21. In this special issue, we provide in-depth coverage of the latest updates and insights from th
Updated: November 2022

IGES Activity on UNFCCC COP27

27th Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP27) will be held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, from 6 November to 18 November. On this special webpage, you will find information on side events during COP27, as well as explanatory articles and related
Updated: November 2023

Global Stocktake (GST) Special webpage

The final approval of the implementation guidelines for the Paris Agreement at the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change last November has prompted a phase in which countries will be required to take
Updated: December 2021

IGES Activity on UNFCCC COP26

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) is scheduled to be held in Glasgow, United Kingdom between 31 October and 12 November. On this special webpage, you will find information on side events during COP26, as well as explanato