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Submission to Policy Process

COVID-19’s wide-ranging social, environmental, and economic impacts has led to calls for policymakers to restore planetary health.  The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies’ (IGES) COVID-19 position paper 3.0 aims to help policymakers translate support for a healthy planet into actionable recommendations and ambitious policy directions.  A...

Peer-reviewed Article
In Sustainability Science

This paper presents an approach for assessing lifestyle carbon footprints and lifestyle change options aimed at achieving the 1.5 °C climate goal and facilitating the transition to decarbonized lifestyles through stakeholder participatory research. Using data on Finland and Japan it shows potential impacts of reducing carbon footprints through...


『はかって、へらそうCO2 1.5℃大作戦』では、次世代を担う子ども向けに、私たちの日常生活が気候変動に与える影響や持続可能な未来のためにできる行動を、科学的根拠に基づきわかりやすく、また子どもにも身近な事例や説明を用いて監修しました。「②へらす編」では、すまい、移動、食べもの、消費財の4つの領域で温室効果ガス削減につながる実践的な選択肢を提示。さらに、その輪を広げるためのヒントも紹介しています。


『はかって、へらそうCO2 1.5℃大作戦』では、次世代を担う子ども向けに、私たちの日常生活が気候変動に与える影響や持続可能な未来のためにできる行動を、科学的根拠に基づきわかりやすく、また子どもにも身近な事例や説明を用いて監修しました。「①はかる編」では、気候変動緩和の必要性を総合的に解説した上で、ライフスタイルカーボンフットプリントの考え方を紹介。自分の生活に関連してどれだけの温室効果ガスが排出されているのかを簡易計算できるワークシートを使って、理解を深めます。

Discussion Paper

Many decision makers are contemplating whether policies and investments made in the wake of COVID-19 are inclusive, resilient and sustainable enough to bring about a course change in development. This paper outlines the design features of framework that helps policymakers steer a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable course. What the Institute...

Submission to Policy Process



Submission to Policy Process

COVID-19 has morphed from a dangerous regional health threat to an all-consuming global pandemic and economic disaster. COVID-19’s rapid spread has had far-reaching implications on the everyday lives of people in nearly all corners of the world. In fact, as of October 2020, at least 50 million people globally have tested positive for the virus, and...

Commentary (Op. Ed)




OECD Workshop on Reducing Marine Plastic Litter

On June 11-12, 2020, the OECD workshop was organized with high-level representatives, leading policy-makers and experts from OECD and G20 member countries, other emerging market economies, international organisations and civil society stakeholders to take stock of policy action to combat marine plastic litter at the international, national, and sub...

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