Policy brief: Raising awareness of the IPBES Regional Assessment for Asia and the Pacific

This policy brief outlines some of the discussions at a series of science-policy dialogues for countries of the Asia-Pacific region, held between February and October 2019. The purpose of the dialogues was to introduce biodiversity policymakers, and other stakeholders from these countries, to the IPBES Regional Assessment Report for Asia and the Pacific (IPBES 2018a), and in particular its key messages (see Table 1). The report was compiled partly as a support for policymaking. This policy brief is aimed at policymakers such as those who attended the dialogues, as well as their counterparts in sectors that have an impact on biodiversity. It is expected to give them an idea of how to spread the word about the Assessment and its Report. This is one part of a set of two policy brief that cover the most important aspects of the science-policy dialogues. The other discusses biodiversity challenges and solutions in Asia and the Pacific, with reference to the Assessment Report. Both policy briefs are statements of the views of the workshop participants.

Linda Anne