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Localisation Approaches

IGES works together with cities and local governments to help design and implement solutions to climate, biodiversity and other sustainability challenges.  By partnering with subnational actors, IGES can translate global goals into local contexts and ensure that solutions meet the needs of stakeholders on the ground. 

IGES Related Events and Projects

Updated: December 2023

Collaboration between Da Nang and Yokohama City

The Vietnamese Government has established a national plan in 2019, related to marine pollution caused by plastics, and GHG emissions reduction. Da Nang City is one of the fastest growing cities in Vietnam, and through Da Nang - Yokohama city-to-city
Updated: December 2020

Zero Carbon Cities

As the impacts of climate change increase in frequency and intensity every year, many local governments are under pressure to take action to protect the health and daily lives of their residents. This page will provide information on decarbonisation...