The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies conducts interdisciplinary policy research to promote sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region in collaboration with international organisations, government agencies, local governments, private enterprises and research institutions both in Japan and overseas.
In order to reflect the research results into actual policy decisions, we have engaged in activities to link academic research with actual policy formation processes and are receiving high praise globally.
In July 2021, IGES embarked on its four-year 8th Phase Integrative Strategic Research Programme (ISRP8), and is recruiting a professional staff with extensive knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to realise the mission of IGES through its activities.


Positions Available
There are no employment opportunities at this time.

Information for Graduate Students

IGES Internship Programme

The IGES Internship Programme may be subject to change depending on developments in the situation related to COVID-19 such as government mandated restrictions on work or travel, etc.

IGES provides internship opportunities, when a hosting research unit is available, for graduate students to experience IGES research projects first-hand at the IGES Headquarters in Hayama (Kanagawa) and its offices in Kobe (Hyogo), Kitakyushu (Fukuoka) and the IGES Regional Centre in Bangkok (Thailand). Please see the eligibility and other conditions (below).


Currently available internship opportunity
Research and Publications unit of the Strategic Management Office (SMO-RP) Internship (111KB)

E-mail inquiries should be sent to Strategic Management Office Internship Programme at [email protected] (e-mail enquiry only). When sending us an inquiry, please write which unit of IGES and what topic you are interested in for your internship, when you wish to take up the internship, and the name of the programme and academic institution where you are currently enrolled.

It usually takes up to one month to process the application/inquiry, and only short-listed candidates will be contacted.  

Eligibility of IGES internship
Interns must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be studying for a postgraduate degree (location of graduate school does not matter), or have recently obtained a postgraduate degree;
  • Be willing to learn from on-the-job activities at IGES (the internship is not a programme for students to write an individual thesis, but rather an opportunity to experience strategic policy research and operational activities);
  • Be proficient enough in English for the purposes of oral communication and the preparation of written documents and in basic computer skills (Microsoft Office, e-mail application);
  • Be available for the internship for between one and three months, in principle;
  • Recommended or endorsed by their supervisor at enrolled school or affiliation;
  • Be enrolled in health and accident insurance;
  • Have status of residence in Japan allowing them to take up the internship, or be able to enter Japan short-term without a visa (IGES is not able to offer any support for immigration procedures and visa acquisition); and
  • Have sufficient stipend to cover living expenses during the Internship and travel expenses to and from the place of internship (IGES Internship is unpaid).

About accomodation
Accommodation at IGES HQ

  • When the intern cannot commute from his/her current residence to IGES HQ, he/she will be able to use the accommodation at IGES HQ (subject to room availability). There are charges for telephone and linen changing fees which must be paid by Intern/Exchange participant. The accommodation is strictly for intern use only, and use by guests of Intern/Exchange participant is not permitted. The accommodation cannot be used (must be vacated) during the New Year’s holiday (December 29 to January 3). Check-in/out must be done during business hours (9:30-18:00) on business weekdays. Payment (linen cleaning fees, phone bill, etc.) must be made in full during the internship by interns.

Accommodation at IGES Satellite Offices (KRC, KUC)

  • When the intern cannot commute from his/her current residence to the IGES satellite offices, he/she will be able to use accommodation suggested by IGES Kansai Research Centre (KRC) or Kitakyushu Urban Centre (KUC). Utility charges, telephone charges, and any extra charges for additional services, will be at the intern's own expense.

Other detailed conditions are specified in the Agreement Form (available upon request) and internship applicants will be requested to submit the completed Agreement Form and other supporting documents before the internship period commences.