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Climate change deepens poverty; whereas, researches have shown financial inclusion is one of the best ways to build resilience to the climate change effects. Inclusive green finance is an evolving policy area in which member institutions of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) are beginning to implement policies, regulations and national...

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International Association for Energy Economics

Southeast Asia energy demand, which increased by 60% in the past fifteen years, is expected to further rise by two-thirds over the next twenty years, thus accounting for one-tenth of global energy demand by 2040.The investments needed to meet a growing energy demand in the ASEAN region will call for the mobilisation of both the public and the...

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「平成29 年度アジアにおけるパリ協定に基づく市場メカニズムの活用のための報告体制等構築支援委託業務」の実施事項を述べた報告書である。

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This brochure contains key findings from the International Market Mechanisms and Transparency Project, funded by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan, in 2018. The project was implemented by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) in collaboration with the Regional Collaboration Centre Bangkok of the UNFCCC.

The brochure also...

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This document aims to provide a comprehensive and easy-to-understand description of the clean development mechanism (CDM). It should be noted that this document does not replicate in the exact manner all the texts agreed upon in the international negotiations. Also, there are issues yet to be settled in the international negotiations regarding...


The Paris Agreement establishes an “enhanced transparency framework for action and support, with built-in flexibility which takes into account Parties’ different capacities” (Article 13, para. 1). The purpose of the framework for transparency of mitigation action is to “provide a clear understanding” of action, to “track progress towards achieving...

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the First High-Level Follow-up Dialogue on Financing for Development in Asia and the Pacific

This discussion paper serves as a background paper to facilitate the discussions at the First High-Level Follow-up Dialogue on Financing for Development in Asia and the Pacific, to be held on 30-31 March, 2016 in Incheon, Korea and aims to address the following question: In what way will the Paris Agreement bring out opportunities and challenges of...

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8th East Asia Summit (EAS High-Level Seminar (HLS) on Sustainable Cities

The High-Level Seminar (HLS) on Environmentally Sustainable Cities (ESC) is organised annually to gather influential East and Southeast Asia policymakers, experts and practitioners working on clean, green and sustainable cities. Since 2010, senior officials from the region’s environmental and urban line ministries, city authorities and development...

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