Climate and Energy

While climate change poses an increasing threat worldwide, the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015 formalises the international community’s commitments and actions toward a sustainable and decarbonised society. The Climate and Energy (CE) Area aims to accompany this transition by conducting strategic research and supporting the development of zero-carbon initiatives. Our team of international experts is engaged in various projects for the development and implementation of climate and energy-related strategies and policies, in particular international climate negotiations, bilateral and multilateral cooperation, carbon pricing initiatives, market-based mechanisms, and the development and maintenance of databases. With a special focus and expertise on the Asia-Pacific region, the CE Area maximises the efforts to facilitate transition to decarbonised society at the national and local levels as an agent of change in this area.

Area New Publications


Designing the Rules of the Paris Agreement: Creating a Workable Framework beyond Transparency
July 2018

IGES Policy Report

Green Growth and Decarbonization of Energy Systems in a Changing World
June 2018

IGES Working Paper

Institutional arrangements for reporting the use of market mechanisms under the enhanced transparency framework to avoid double counting
May 2018

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Web Tools
  • As a pathway simulation tool, the Low Carbon Navigator allows users to develop their own pathway combinations to achieve emissions reduction and ensure energy security based on available resources, technologies and behavioural changes. This transparent and handy tool can help answer the fundamental questions of how the energy system can evolve over the coming decades and its impact on GHG emissions, energy security, energy mix for electricity generation and related costs.
  • The Platform consists of the JCM Matchmaking Online Company Information Form and the JCM Matchmaking Company Search Engine. The Online Company Information Form is open for Japanese and partner country entities (private companies, state-owned companies, local governments, technology provider, consultants, etc.)
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