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Policy Report
MRV – Measurement/Monitoring, Reporting and Verification - is commonly understood as a series of processes to quantify GHG emission and their change over time. It is a key instrument to understand the level of emissions and the impact of actions aimed at changing emission levels. For this reason, MRV became a keyword as many developed and...
Policy Brief
Despite its conceptual ambiguity, NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions) provides a practical opportunity for developing countries to achieve low-carbon development. This policy brief assesses the formulation process of NAMAs in selected Southeast Asian countries with three essential criteria: technical, mainstreaming and institutional...
At the sixteenth Conference of Parties (COP16) for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), countries agreed to limit the global mean temperature increase to below two degree Celsius. This agreement was made together with an agreement to periodically review the adequacy of the long-term goal and the progress towards...
Non Peer-reviewed Article
In 環境会議
20th Asia Pacifics Seminar,Bankok
The presentation overviews financial support arrangements for adaptation under the climate regime, recent developments of the post-2012 climate negotiation including GCF, comparative analysis of Climate Investment Fund Pilot Program for Climate Resilience and Adaptation Fund, and provides presentor's throughts on direct access.
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