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Book Chapter
In Biofuels and Sustainability: Holistic Perspectives for Policy-making
This chapter discusses the social and economic impacts of biofuels in East Asia by analyzing four country case studies. Three case study countries are large Asian rapidly developing countries which were expected to be large consumers and producers of biofuels at the beginning of the biofuel boom in the late 2000s: Indonesia, India, and China. All...
Policy Report
MRV – Measurement/Monitoring, Reporting and Verification - is commonly understood as a series of processes to quantify GHG emission and their change over time. It is a key instrument to understand the level of emissions and the impact of actions aimed at changing emission levels. For this reason, MRV became a keyword as many developed and...
Working Paper
Asia could accrue significant air quality, public health, and climate co-benefits from mitigating short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) such as black carbon and tropospheric ozone (O3). Realizing these co-benefits will require bridging a research-policy divide. This policy brief outlines pragmatic steps to help narrow that divide in Asia.
Data or Tool
The “PoA template” is an Excel sheet for developing a programme of activities (PoAs) in an intuitive and fully automated manner. This template consists of two parts: 1) PoA design document (SSC-PoA-DD) with pull-down menu for some technical sections, and 2) built-in automatic emission reduction (ER) calculation sheet fully integrated with SSC-PoA...
International Symposium on MRV Mitigation Actions: MRV capacity building in Asia towards the establishment of new market mechanisms, 6 March 2012, Tokyo, Japan.
Working Paper
This paper reinforces the need for a robust yet simplified MRV framework to make NAMAs work on a large scale providing opportunities to countries and sectors less benefited by the CDM. The discussion focused on the transport sector – reviewed the trend and expectations of submitted transport NAMAs then examined the performance of transport projects...
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