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Discussion Paper
Rapid urbanisation has led to a host of environmental and social issues in Asia, with increased energy consumption being the most alarming. Effective low carbon development policies aimed at rational land use, energy efficiency, and improved public transport and an emphasis on renewable energy sources are the need of the hour. Such efforts are...
Policy Report
MRV – Measurement/Monitoring, Reporting and Verification - is commonly understood as a series of processes to quantify GHG emission and their change over time. It is a key instrument to understand the level of emissions and the impact of actions aimed at changing emission levels. For this reason, MRV became a keyword as many developed and...
Discussion Paper
This paper examined whether a local government could promote international environmental cooperation through individual citizens’ carbon offsetting, in particular focusing on the perception effects of local government subsidies. The social survey was conducted for adult citizens in Kitakyushu city, Japan, who drive privately-owned vehicles, asking...
Policy Report
日本では、東日本大震災を契機に、エネルギー関連制度をめぐる改革論議が進んでいる。家庭向け電力供給サービスや省エネ機器の市場に新たな動きが見られ、家庭での節電の取り組みも定着が期待されている。本研究では、震災及び原子力発電所事故後の日本における、エネルギー制度改革に対する市民の態度、エネルギー関連市場における消費者行動、及び家庭での節電の新たな動向を把握するため、社会調査を実施した。調査設問は、以下に示すような制度面での動きや取り組みに対する市民の態度に関するものが主であるが、実際の行動に関するものも一部含まれる。 (1) 新たな制度改革に対する市民の態度 - 再生可能エネルギー固定価格買取制度 - 家庭部門の電力自由化 - 国レベルの建物の省エネ基準義務化 - 地域自立分散型エネルギー整備...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Energy Policy
An online social survey was conducted to reveal household electricity-saving behaviour and its relationship with participation in social group activities, as well as face-to-face and online social interactions, i.e. information sources used and information dissemination through personal networks, in a disaster-affected region of Kanagawa, Japan...
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