UNFCCC長期目標に関するレビュー制度 国際交渉と既存のレビュー制度からの考察

Event: 環境経済・政策学会2012年大会

At the sixteenth Conference of Parties (COP16) for the United Nations Framework
Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), countries agreed to limit the global mean
temperature increase to below two degree Celsius. This agreement was made together with an agreement to periodically review the adequacy of the long-term goal and the progress towards achieving it. International environmental agreements including Stockholm Convention, Montreal Protocol, and Basel Convention were analyzed for their review process and compliance procedures. Stringent target setting and its efficiency, ambitiousness and compliancy are some of the sometime-Successful review system of implementation and compliance to the treaty do not necessary require legally binding targets. Ambitious non-binding target coupled with legal framework or effective review system which involves regular high level meetings may lead to accomplishing the goal.
On the other hand, threat of legal enforcement and process for inclusion may be effective in
some cases. Ideal review system to address human health effects, environmental impacts
together will be analyzed.