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Research Report
Do Thi Thu
Hoang Minh
How can Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships manage plastic pollution in developing countries? See what we learnt from Indonesia, Ghana, and Vietnam about National Plastic Action Partnerships (NPAP) in this report. We describe the challenges of plastic pollution and the need for Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships (MSP) and describe an emerging MSP process...
Policy Report
This report aims to provide an overview of the information related to the plastics value chain in the ASEAN region. It focuses on the availability of local and national data used for material flow analyses (MFAs) – instead of actual data content – as this information aims to be a stocktaking exercise towards building capacity in the area of data...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Resources, Conservation and Recycling
There is limited knowledge on the potential impacts of electric vehicle (EV) deployment in developing countries to date. India is a rapidly industrializing country with a national policy to promote EVs, but does not have the waste management infrastructure to process battery waste. Through a model analysis for India, we projected that the sale of...
Conference Proceeding
Online Course on Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) towards Circular Economy
This event was organised as part of IGES-CCET’s collaboration with ADB on improving waste management and the circular economy in Asia and the Pacific. This online course was a capacity-building programme for Asian Development Bank (ADB) personnel and technical staff that aimed to provide them with the planning knowledge and skills needed to perform...
Submission to Policy Process
Asia and the Pacific Regional Multi-Stakeholder Consultation for Stockholm+50
At the Stockholm50 Regional Multistakeholder Consultations for the Asia-Pacific, IGES’ Yasuhiko Hotta co-facilitated Parallel Working Group 1 on plastics. The Asia-Pacific, particularly Southeast/East/South Asia has emerged as both a major source & a hotspot of plastic pollution. At the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA), countries agreed to end...
Fact Sheet
In recent years, marine plastic litter has been a critical policy issue, and action in an internationally harmonised manner is necessary to tackle this situation. Based on the G20 Implementation Framework for Actions on Marine Plastic Litter, voluntary country reporting has continued since 2019. Three reports with rich country and organisational...
Policy Report
This report is the third compilation report on policies and measures with regards to marine plastics litter taken / to be taken by the participating countries, regions and organizations. This comprehensive report was produced under the responsibility of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, Government of Italy, with the support of the Ministry of...
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