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Book Chapter
In Routledge Handbook of Food Waste
Megha Shenoy
Abigail Marie
This chapter considers food waste from the perspective of cities in Asia, presenting case studies from Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines. Interdisciplinary perspectives are brought together, drawing from sociology, industrial ecology, urban planning and public affairs, towards highlighting current efforts to manage waste in...
Discussion Paper
Sustainable Lifestyles Policy and Practice: Challenges and Way Forward provides an overview of the current (2019) situation for sustainable lifestyles globally. It includes 32 case studies from around the world, showing on-going efforts to support the transition to sustainable ways of living. The key messages of the publication are: There are...
Book Chapter
In 『持続可能な 社会をつくる教育事典』
日本環境教育学会は、日本児童教育振興財団からの助成を得て、『持続可能な 社会をつくる教育事典』を作成・刊行する方針を決め、日本国際理解教育学会、日本社会 教育学会、日本学校教育学会、SDGs 市民社会ネットワーク、グローバル・コンパクト・ ネットワーク・ジャパンの5つの団体にも執筆・編集でご協力をいただくことになりまし た。IGESは「持続可能な生産と消費」について、執筆しました。
Policy Brief
T20 Japan Task Force 3: Climate Change and Environment
This policy brief suggests six priorities for developed and emerging economies represented by G20 countries to mainstream circular economy and society globally, as follows: 1) need to capture the momentum raised by public attention on marine plastic pollution; 2) raise the level of ambition of Extended Producer Responsibility; 3) provide policy...
Discussion Paper
This paper explores the current understanding regarding the Circulating and Ecological Economy (CEE) and the Regional/Local CES concepts put forward by Japan’s Fifth Basic Environment Plan. The CEE and the Regional/Local CES advance a low-carbon, self-reliant, and decentralised society based on living in harmony with nature. The Regional/Local CES...
Conference Proceeding
The 4th World Congress on Disaster Management
The urban and rural regions can be well understood as the dynamic systems embedded and interconnected through their social, economic and environmental settings. These urban-rural interlinkages have important implication for understanding climate change vulnerabilities and capturing opportunities for adaptation and disaster risk reduction. However...
Book Chapter
In The Circular Economy and the Global South Sustainable Lifestyles and Green Industrial Development, 1st Edition
Against the backdrop of the growth of mainstream agriculture driven by export-oriented commercial crops, the recent emergence of organic farming in Thailand is remarkable. Organic farming is considered as an opportunity to encourage people to adopt a Sufficiency Economy, the guiding principle of national sustainable development, and also...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Human Security Studies
In recent decades, economic development in Southeast Asian countries has made tremendous impacts on rural societies. People have tried to take advantage of the new opportunities brought about by such economic development, as well as the assets and capacities presented, to develop and diversify their livelihood options. Against this backdrop, this...
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