renewable energy

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環境経済・政策学会 2023年大会
Focusing on Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines (with a share of around 75% of ASEAN’s total emissions), this presentation outlines the current status, and identifies the gaps and the prospect to achieve a high penetration of renewables for energy transition in ASEAN. Overall, the development of renewables is still at an early stage in...
Issue Brief
The economic disruptions from the Ukraine war have intensified short term concerns about energy and food security, as well as access to critical minerals. Climate security is also increasingly urgent. This paper urges governments to speed up, not slow down, transitions away from fossil fuels and toward more sustainable development patterns. The war...
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In Energy Review: The Energy and Climate Observer
Development of renewable energy (RE) systems provides a practical solution to achieve a transition towards a low-carbon society. By replacing fossil fuel-based technologies and enabling access to clean energy through decentralised energy systems, RE can generate multiple synergies with achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), particularly...
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In China's Carbon-Energy Policy and Asia's Energy Transition: Carbon Leakage, Relocation and Halos
India has an ambitious renewable energy target for the decades ahead. However, the targets are faced with two critical impediments: (1) the lack of an internationally competitive renewable equipment manufacturing industry domestically and (2) the overdependency on external supply sources for equipment and machinery. The chapter finds that, despite...
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In Japan, over 460 municipalities, so-called “Zero Carbon Cities” along with the national government have committed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050. It aims to create ”domino effect”, in which the best performing Zero Carbon Cities knock down other municipalities to turn the whole country to be carbon neutral. Goto City, a...
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In Economics and policy of energy and the environment
In Asia, Vietnam is one of the countries severely affected by energy shortages and climate change. Development of renewable energy from livestock wastes, e.g., production of electricity from biogas, is a solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution from untreated livestock wastes, as well as energy shortages. So that, biogas...