IGES Content Rankings 2023

Press Release

In 2023, the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) produced a wide range of reports, events and web content. As a special feature at the start of 2024, we have compiled the most popular IGES content from the past year for the following categories: Top 10 Most Downloaded Publications, Top 5 Most Viewed Webpages, Top 5 Most Viewed IGES YouTube Videos, Most Liked Tweet and Most Attended Event. These rankings capture the environmental developments of 2023, and indicate some upcoming trends for 2024.

Each of the categories was ranked from 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2023. Both newly published and updated content are included.

[IGES Content Rankings 2023]

Top 10 Most Downloaded Publications

Publications that topped the list focused on Asia's shift towards decarbonisation. Key topics included Asia's transition to a just and sustainable net-zero society, the role of South-East Asian non-state actors in the Global Stocktake (GST) and the creation of a long-term ASEAN roadmap that combines both mitigation and adaptation strategies. Additionally, there was considerable interest in recent reports that assess the progress made by companies and local authorities in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Top 5 Most Viewed Webpages

* Only News, Event and Special Pages that were launched or updated are included in the timescale for this category.

The Global Stocktaking feature page, which also placed high in the Japanese content rankings, was placed third. This indicates significant interest in the topic both domestically and internationally. In addition to content that regularly ranks highly, such as the Online Voluntary Local Review (VLR) Lab - which provides access to VLRs by local authorities worldwide - and the annual event 'Zero Carbon City International Forum 2023', this year saw the 'EU-Japan 100 Cities Event on Climate Action' event page securing the fifth spot. These results demonstrate the strong popularity of content focused on themes related to the role of cities in combating climate change and implementing the SDGs.

Top 5 Most Viewed IGES YouTube Videos

'What does the "Global Biodiversity Framework" mean for the world?' was ranked first, reflecting the growing international interest in the field of biodiversity. Furthermore, two of the top five webinars were on the subject of hydrogen, indicating a keen interest in the use of hydrogen in the transition to Net Zero.

Most Liked Tweet

In addition to the G7 summits and ministerial meetings, there are G7 engagement groups where stakeholders from various sectors can put together recommendations. At one of these engagement groups, T7 (Think7: made up of think tanks from around the world), IGES led the development of two policy briefs. The tweet introducing one of these policy briefs, focusing on critical minerals, received the most likes. In total, 16 T7 policy briefs were incorporated into the Annex of the T7 Japan Communiqué, contributing to discussions at the G7 Hiroshima Summit.

28 April “#Think7 (#T7) Policy Brief led by IGES team, "Critical Minerals for Net-Zero Transition: How the G7 can Address Supply Chain Challenges and Socioenvironmental Spillovers", has been published. Check out the important report for its valuable content: https://think7.org/critical-minerals-for-net-zero-transition-how-the-g7-can-address-supply-chain-challenges-and-socioenvironmental-spillovers/


Top 5 Most Attended Events

*Calculated by the number of participants on the day of the event, excluding post-event video views.

Events focusing on initiatives in Asian countries related to various environmental issues and their cooperation with Japan attracted a significant number of attendees.


Japanese Private Sector’s Involvement for Environmental Improvement in Thailand (2 March 2023) [Web page is not available]

Video & Presentation: Not available

LCS-RNet 13th Annual Meeting: New Scientific Challenges for Strengthening Actions Based on IPCC AR6 (15 December 2022) *

Video & Presentation: Available

*2-day event, counted in terms of number of visitors attended per day.