The 3rd Kitakyushu SDGs Training

Initiating a Decarbonized Domino Effect in Kyushu Region, Japan ~Learn how Kitakyushu City & Goto City integrate environment, economy & society through local renewable energy~

Tuesday, 15 March 2022, 15:00-18:00 (JST)

The IGES Kitakyushu Urban Center will organize an online bilingual (English-Japanese) event, "3rd Kitakyushu SDGs Training: Initiating Decarbonized Domino Effect from Kyushu Region, Japan" on 15th (Tue) March, 15:00-18:00 (JST). Anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to participate (max. 100 people, advance registration required). You will learn how the two leading Zero-Carbon Cities* from Kyushu region Japan, namely Kitakyushu City (Fukuoka Prefecture) and Goto City (remote islands of Nagasaki Prefecture) are integrating the three pillars of SDGs, environment, economy and society. 

Kitakyushu City and Goto City are pioneering the local production and consumption of renewable energy, particularly unique cases of offshore wind power generation, and currently both are stepping up from the pilot phase to large-scale commercial wind farms. Therefore, both cities are expected to initiate the Decarbonized Domino Effect** to generate rippling impact to other local regions. In this event, the local governments and various stakeholders of both cities are invited to speak their strategies and actions on the ground under following thematic sessions: policy of local governments, emerging renewable energy local industries, co-existence with nature. Speakers includes from regional energy companies, wind-power maintenance companies, marine research center, solar panel recycling company, etc.

* Zero Carbon City:  Local municipalities that committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 under the national framework lead by Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ). 

** Decarbonized Domino Effect: MOEJ aims to select the leading100 model decarbonized areas in Japan, which are expected to disseminate their pioneering policies and practices to neighboring local regions, like domino.

Event Details

Tuesday, 15 March 2022, 15:00-18:00 (JST)


NPO Satoyama
Japanese / English
(Simultaneous interpretation)
Up to 100 participants
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Presentation Materials

15:00-15:30 Opening The SDGs localization to integrate the environment, economy & society
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies(IGES), Kitakyushu Urban Centre(KUC), Researcher, Ms. Junko Ota
PDF (2.6MB)
Expansion of the “Zero Carbon Cities”in Kyushu region, Japan
IGES, KUC, Research Manager, Dr. Junko Akagi
PDF (1.2MB)
Kitakyushu Higashida Hydrogen Town:Conquest of pollution to SDGs Future City
NPO Satoyama, Global Communication Division, Director, Mr. Yoshimasa Ito
PDF (2.2MB)
15:35-16:25 Policy of local governments The new “Green Growth Strategy” of Kitakyushu City
Kitakyushu City, Green Growth Promotion Division, Director, Ms. Rie Kudo
PDF (1.8MB)
Kitakyushu Next Generation Energy Park in Hibikinada
Kitakyushu EcoTown Network, Deputy Director, Mr. Hiroshi Kakisako
PDF (3.9MB)
Goto’s SDGs: Create employment by utilizing the blessings of the island
Goto City, Policy Planning Division Chief, Mr. Tomoya Yamaguchi
PDF (861KB)
Goto City’s vision to be a “Carbon Neutral Island”
Goto City, Renewable Energy Promotion Section, Section Chief, Mr. Taichi Yanawaki
PDF (3.2MB)
16:35-17:10 Emerging local industries Local production and consumption of energy in Kitakyushu
Kitakyushu Power Co.,Ltd., General Manager, Mr. Shunji Adachi
Creating local return through Goto’s electricity
Hokutaku Co., Ltd. General Affairs, Deputy Director Mr. Yoshitaka Ito
PDF (1.7MB)
Human resource development of wind power maintenance in Kitakyushu
Institute for Energy Research on Remote Islands, Director Mr. Seiichiro Kimura
PDF (391KB)
Q & A  
17:20-17:40 Co-existence with nature Recycling solar panel in Kitakyushu
Shinryo Corporation, Circular Economy Division, Mr.Tetsuya Tamai
PDF (2.4MB)
Co-existence of offshore wind power with local fishery in Goto
Marine Renewable Energy and Fisheries, Director Mr. Masanobu Shibuya
PDF (3.7MB)
Q & A  
17:50-18:00 Closing Invitation to Kyushu
IGES KUC, General Affairs, Mr. Jun Takahara
PDF (1.8MB)