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Commissioned Report
This publication explains the works that have been conducted under the commission work of MOEJ called "International Support through AP-PLAT (AP-PLATを通じた国際支援業務)". The work consisted of mainly four projects: 1) AP-PLAT Partner collaboration, 2) Capacity development programme on monitoring and evaluation tool, 3) Development of E-learning materials...
Book Chapter
In The UN Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2022 (GAR 2022)
T. Goto, H. Sakai, A. Dewi, S. Jayasinghe, S. Basnayake, R.D. Kartiko, N.M.S.I. Arambepola
[Please refer to Page 74 in GAR2022 where this work is cited. The full paper will be online soon at the same website as GAR2022] The rapidly changing socio-economic landscape of the Southeast Asian countries is an important driver for systemic risks such as climate change and hydro-geological disasters. Global processes such as the SFDRR, the Paris...
Technical Report
A. Dewi
N.M.S.I. Arambepola
R. Kartiko
Dr Senaka Basnayake
Dr Peeranan Towashirapor
This technical report elaborates on the methodology and results from the case study conducted in Case Study: Phoukhoun River Basin Pilot, Lao PDR. These guidelines will help stakeholders to conduct landslide vulnerability and risk assessments by integrating climate change projections. The technical report should be read along with the related...
Technical Report
Capturing the essence of the ASEAN regional climate-related needs the JAIF CCA DRR project has developed two sets of guidelines designed to assist relevant agencies and sectors to plan and prepare for climate-induced risks. This is based on the implementation in pilot river basins in Lao PDR and Myanmar, through series of interactive hands-on...
Technical Report
This technical report showcases the case study that was conducted as part of the ASEAN Project on Disaster Risk Reduction by Integrating Climate Change Projection into Landslide Risk Assessment (ASEAN DRR-CCA). Its main purpose is to showcase the application of the methodologies described in the guidelines developed as part of this project. The...
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