Guideline on Integrating Climate Change Projection into Flood Risk Assessments and Mapping at the River Basin Level

Technical Report
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Capturing the essence of the ASEAN regional climate-related needs the JAIF CCA DRR project has developed two sets of guidelines designed to assist relevant agencies and sectors to plan and prepare for climate-induced risks. This is based on the implementation in pilot river basins in Lao PDR and Myanmar, through series of interactive hands-on training, data collection, field exercises and surveys. – addressing on-the-ground disaster risk planning challenges and potential climate change impact, also taking into account the existing institutional set-up, human resources, data capacities and limitations that are applicable to Southeast Asia countries. These guidelines and their tools are recommended for beginners and middle-level experts in the field of disaster management, natural resources and environment, water resource planners, climate change adaptation, urban planners and public works. They are unique in that they are targeted at the watershed level, multi-disciplinary in nature, and espouse principles of integrated risk assessment and integrated planning.