SDGs とパリ協定の実施へ向けた開発協力の転換点 ―指標、戦略、モデル、アセスメントに関する4つの提言― / A Turning Point of Development Cooperation towards Implementation of SDGs and the Paris Agreement ― Four Recommendations for Indicators, Strategy, Model, and Assessment ―

In SRIDジャーナル / Journal of the Societies of Researchers for International Development (SRID)
Volume (Issue): Volume 12
Non Peer-reviewed Article

SDGs やパリ協定の実施へ向けて開発協力のあり方は大きな転換点にある。SDGs における目標間のトレードオフおよび両合意による大幅な低炭素化・資源効率性の向上という要請を踏まえ、途上国・新興国・先進国それぞれにおいてライフスタイルやビジネスモデルを含めた経済社会と生産・消費パターンの変革が求められている。本論説では、SDGs とパリ協定の達成へ向けた開発協力の今後の展望として、(1)指標の設計、(2)調整・統合された戦略・計画、(2)持続可能な都市やコミュニティのモデルプロジェクト実施、(4)戦略的持続可能性アセスメントの導入に関する4点を提言した。

The mode of the conventional development cooperation is at the turning point to accommodate the implementation of SDGs and the Paris Agreement. Considering the trade-offs between targets of SDGs and demand for drastic de-carbonization and resource efficiency improvement, a transformation of socio-economy and consumption and production patterns including lifestyle and business models is required in each context of developing countries, emerging economies, and developed countries. In this paper, four proposals - development of an indicator taking account of footprint and welfare, coordinated and integrated strategy, implementation of model projects, and an introduction of sustainability assessment, are discussed as future prospects of development cooperation towards implementation of SDGs and the Paris Agreement.