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Trends in Resource Use and the Decoupling Challenge: Regional Overview

 First Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting on the 10 Year Framework of Programmes for SCP
Discussion Paper

This GHG calculation tool is translated from the English version II to ease of use by local government in Thailand. The products include the GHG calculation tool based on Excel and a user manual that explains fundamental information of and how to use the IGES GHG calculation tool.


English and Khmer version are available.

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Stakeholder involvement for radioactive decontamination in Fukushima

Takehiko Murayama
Ono Satsohi
Hiroyasu Shioya
Book Chapter
In Waste as a Resource

The key challenges in waste management facing rapidly developing economies are the consideration of increasing resource consumption and waste generation, as well as the establishment of a ‘‘sound material cycle society’’. The latter refers to the concept of promoting a social change in which the consumption of natural resources is minimised and the...


Home Appliances Recycling Act Under the EPR Concept in Japan: A case study of EPR Application in Japan

The 4th Meeting Working Party on Resource Productivity and Waste, Environment Policy Committee, OECD

Presented a case study of EPR application in Japan for the Working Party on Resource Productivity and Waste under Environment Policy Committee of OECD.