Performance Evaluation of Pedestrian Facilities from Pedestrian and Vehicular User Perspectives

In Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Volume (Issue): Volume 12
Peer-reviewed Article

Due to its significance for bringing the considerably benefit to the transportation network performance, the several initiatives has been proposed for evaluating and improving the pedestrian facilities. However, such efforts are generally conducted within the framework of walkability, which typically put the attention to the walker perspectives. This paper then proposed the different perspective for evaluating the pedestrian facilities by considering several different perspectives, namely, walker perspective, vehicular user perspective and minimum requirement perspective. As different with the previous researches, the pedestrian facilities is firstly evaluated based on their fulfillment to the minimum requirement of pedestrian movement. Further step is conducted based on the walker perspective for acquiring the pedestrian facilities score performance, which can be used for improving the minimum standard as well as the pedestrian facilities. The microsimulation model is then developed for evaluating such interests by taking into account the vehicular user, which is possibly impacted.

Russ Bona