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IGES In-house seminar

Biofuels have been rapidly taken up by many countries in the Asia and Pacific region in order to meet their energy demands and developmental needs. Biofuels have been attributed to have advantages such as mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy saving while producing them, and provision of employment. There are several studies...

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In 資源環境対策

Need to Reform International and Domestic Rules?

COP13 side event "Lessons learned from CDM capacity building: Is there a need to reform internation" 10 Dec 2007, Bali, Indonesia
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ODAを使ったCDM事業 エジプトの風力発電で先例

In 日経エコロジー (Nikkei Ecology)


IGES地球環境セミナー2007 第3回: 地球温暖化問題の行方~COP13結果速報 21 Dec 2007 東京


第2回アジア循環社会創造コース 17 Dec 2007 北九州市


Organiser; 財団法人 北九州国際技術協力協会(KITA)

Discussion Paper
Yati A. Bun

Despite reform of forest law to embrace the concept of sustainable forest management and the development of a raft of subordinate regulations/guidelines to implement the Forestry Act, forests in Papua New Guinea (PNG) continue to be degraded by industrial-scale commercial logging operations. Numerous independent reports over the past two decades...