Yoshiki SEKI

Former Staff (from Apr 2004 - Mar 2007 )
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Policy Brief



Policy Brief
IGES Policy Brief

Partly due to the worldwide upsurge in industrial demand for timber, the number of planted forests has increased ten-fold in the last 20 years. These planted forests currently comprise only about 5% of the world’s forest area, but supply 35% of industrial logs and have critical roles to play in releasing pressure on natural forests, mitigating...

Policy Report

This study examines two major transitions in forest governance - decentralisation and state-sponsored (formal) community forestry - with respect to whether they are opening spaces for communities to contribute to sustainable forest management. Our main thesis is that there is a need for democratic decentralisation in order to effectively re-engage...

Book Chapter
In shinrin kankyo 2006 sekai no shinrin wa ima


森林環境2006 世界の森林はいま

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