2008 Top News on the Environment in Asia

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2008 Top News on the Environment in Asia

The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) has been releasing a collection of the top news items on the environment in the Asia-Pacific region every year since 1998. This has been with the aim of collecting and organising information about environmental issues and policy trends in the region, and to report on how the region addresses environmental problems and how it works to create a sustainable society.

For this year’s top news on the environment in Asia, we have collected a total of 127 news items from three organisations and 24 countries. The news gathered does not necessarily represent the official stance of the nations and organisations, but all such information is carefully selected by experts and institutes in environmental fields so as to reflect recent environmental trends in the Asia-Pacific region.


Japanese version:http://enviroscope.iges.or.jp/modules/envirolib/view.php?docid=2147