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Briefing Note
The global hospitality industry is at a pivotal juncture, confronting a pervasive challenge — the menace of plastic pollution and marine litter. The Global Tourism Plastics Initiative (GTPI) notes that approximately 80 percent of all tourism activities occur in coastal areas, positioning the hotel industry as a significant contributor to the...


The presentation introduces the negotiations on the international plastic treaty, and the policies and regulations on plastic resources circularity in EU, US and Japan.

Earthday Japan Open Meeting

The presentation introduces the plastics issues in line with the global themes of Earth Day 2024: 1) Health Risks, 2) Changing Demands, and 3) Innovative Solutions.


長野県工業技術総合センター 材料技術部門 研究・成果発表会 プログラム
The presentation shows the circular economy policies and regulations and also plastic resources circularity in EU and Japan.
Book Chapter
In Circular Economy Adoption Catalysing Decarbonisation Through Policy Instruments
With the urgency for tackling waste management challenges, the waste management pilot project was implemented in Lake Toba area, Indonesia, to establish the Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) adopting the function of waste bank, as part of the practical implementation of the waste management strategy that newly developed by the local regencies. This...

国際プラスチック条約シンポジウム - 交渉の現在地と展望

国際プラスチック条約シンポジウム - 交渉の現在地と展望
The presentation shows the project activities on plastic issues by IGES and expectation for INC.
Policy Report
The ASEAN State of the Environment Report (SOER) is a regular flagship publication of the ASEAN Senior Officials on Environment (ASOEN) which is periodically published every 3-5 years. The SOERs present a comprehensive review of the state and trends of the environment, the pressures on it and the drivers of those pressures, and the national and...
Report Chapter
In Sixth ASEAN State of the Environment Report
• As ASEAN increasingly transitions away from its agrarian traditions and becomes a core part of the global supply chain, improved environmental management of chemicals and waste is imperative. • Manufacturing is now a major contributor to AMS' gross domestic product (GDP) and exports but too many outdated factories in some developing ASEAN...
International Conference on Environmental Sustainability Through Waste and Recycling
In order to address to emerging environmental issues, it is important to encourage stakeholders to take responsible actions through education that includes awareness raising and capacity development. In the field of waste management, education plays a critical role in establishing the 3Rs principles (reduce, reuse and recycle) and promoting more...
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