Low Carbon Society Development under Collaboration between Bandung City and City of Kawasaki: Introduction of EMS to Commercial Facilities under the JCM

Event: Reporting Session for JCM Feasibility Studies in FY2015 in Bogor Indonesia on Feb. 22 2016

The Energy Law No. 30/2007 section Energy Conservation (Article 25) stipulates that energy conservation is the responsibility of all energy users including the Government, the regional government, business entities, and the community. As a derivative regulation of the Energy Law, on 16 November 2009, the Government Regulation No. 70/2009 on Energy Conservation was issued. It is mentioned in the regulation that all users must implement energy conservation in all stages: energy supply, energy business, energy utilization, and conservation of energy resources.

Feasibility Study description and objective
This feasibility study was conducted in Bandung City to seek ways to reduce GHGs and conduct energy savings. The technology used for this year’s feasibility study is an energy management system (EMS) which uses a combination of a DC power supply system, solar panels and energy efficient lightings.

Project location: Bandung City, Indonesia