Operation Manual for Small-to-Medium Scale Compost Centres Using the Takakura Composting Method

Training or Learning Material
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This manual was developed based on the needs of on-site operators of small-to-medium scale composting centres (Input of organic waste: < 1 ton/day) in Bandung city in West Java Province to improve their composting method and to provide a hands-on manual for their daily operations. It was therefore designed to be as simple as possible with limited text and many figures and tables. In addition, to make it a practical manual, the contents were based on extensive on-site coaching and feedback during the process of upgrading the composting centre at Babakansari TPS-3R (intermediate waste management facility with a function of 3R) in Bandung city. The upgrading of composting centre was part of the “Waste Management Support Project toward a Sustainable Resource Recycling Society in Bandung, Indonesia”, a city-to-city collaboration project between Kawasaki city and Bandung city, funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)’s Grassroots Project during 2017-2020. The method
applied in this manual is the “Takakura composting method” and the detailed technical guidance was provided by Dr. Koji Takakura, the inventor of the method, through multiple onsite coaching and workshops.