Translating Policy Research into Practical Action on Low Carbon Transport in Developing Cities – Lessons from Stakeholder engagement in Bandung and Semarang City, Indonesia -

In Proceeding of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Volume (Issue): 12
Peer-reviewed Article

Transformative actions on climate change and other sustainability issues at city level is important to achieve GHG emission reduction. To anchor transformative actions, a wider societal consensus building based on science policy process is key element. This paper explores process to prioritize policies and detail actions of selected policy on low carbon transport in Indonesian cities. We apply Analytic Hierarchy Process to facilitate decision-making process in Bandung city and Semarang City. The authors identified the important of tailoring AHP structure based on existing strategies. The framework could be applied for different goals set of problems to prioritize action on low carbon transport in Bandung and also detail action necessary to improve bus operation as one of selected action on the low carbon transport in Semarang city. The diversity of perspective, capacity dealing with climate issues, priority and forward looking allows stakeholders to have consensus for translation to concrete actions.

N.T.K. Oanh
P. Lestari