Daring Cities 2020

Pathways to Zero: Climate Change and Redesigning Cities - Responding, Recovering and Redesigning in the Face of COVID-19

October 22 (Thu)10:00 – 12:00 CEST

Decarbonization is indispensable part of the realization of better recovery from COVID-19, and challenge is to create a virtuous cycle of society and economy towards decarbonization
The purpose of this session is to share the merits and challenges of pioneering actions, among local governments that are promoting efforts toward decarbonization

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October 22 (Thu)10:00 – 12:00 CEST

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Local Government Session

Master of Ceremony : Junichi FUJINO, Principal Researcher and Senior Coordinator for Urban Taskforce, IGES PDF(734KB)

    Framing presentation by MOEJ
  • Outcome of Online Platform (Redesign) and the Ministerial Meeting
  • Sharing the outcomes of HLS-Sustainable Cites
    Remarks from Mahadi Che Ngah, Mayor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
    <Panel Discussion A>  
Shinichi Wada, Senior Director, Policy Coordination, Bureau of Environment Tokyo Metropolitan Government PDF(959KB)
Kunie Tsuji, General Director, Planning Department, Toyota City PDF(2.1MB)
Alex Minshull, Sustainable City and Climate Change Manager, Bristol City Council  
Koji HAMAZAKI, Executive Director, Department of Futuristic City Promotion, City Strategy Headquarters Saitama City PDF(2.5MB)
Yengher VACHA, Vice Head of Luang Prabang City Administrative Office PDF(853KB)


<Panel Discussion B>  
Kazuhiro Inoda, Supervising Director of Global Environment and Energy Environment Policy Bureau Kyoto City PDF(2.0MB)
Yuli Hartono, Assistant Deputy to the Governor of DKI Jakarta for the Environment  
Akasaka Shinichi, Director Environment & Sustainability Office, Kawasaki City  
David Houliston, Strategic Lead Policy and Partnerships, City Policy, Manchester City Council PDF(826KB)

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