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Peer-reviewed Article
In Asian Journal of Environment and Disaster Management

Limited efforts have been made in assessing the status of mainstreaming adaptation in agriculture and water sectors globally and in the Asia-Pacific region. This paper reviews various ongoing adaptation initiatives implemented at national level in agriculture and water sectors in some of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and identifies...

アジアと気候変動 [Asia and Climate Change]

アジアと気候変動 [Asia and Climate Change]

Ministery of Environment, Government of Japan, Tokyo, Japan
Policy Report

APFED Case Study Working Paper Series Status Report: Gram Nidhi:Eco Enterprises for Sustainable Livelihoods in Ecologically Semi-Arid Rural Areas, Gujarat State, India

Policy Report

APFED Case Study Working Paper Series Status Report: Transborming Lives and Landscapes-ITC's Integrated Watershed Development Programme

Conference Proceeding

The APFED Showcase Programme Workshop and the Third NetRes Meeting were held in Mt. Lavinia, a suburb of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The meetings were hosted by the Sarvodaya Foundation and co-organised by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and the United Nations Environment Programme’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (UNEP...

Peer-reviewed Article
In IRES Vol.6 No.2

The state of global water resources and the environment is rapidly deteriorating despite international conservation efforts. The situation in the Asian monsoon region and regions in Africa, in particular, has become serious. Many past measures to conserve water resources have been ineffective because of weak governance and lack of capacity to...

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