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Date Title Venue
30-31 July 2019 “International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific 2019【ISAP2019】” Yokohama
Event Reports
Date Title Venue
22 May 2019 Commemorating the Japanese Edition of the “Science-Based Solutions Report: Air Pollution in the Asia-Pacific Region” “Symposium on New Directions and Future Initiatives for Air Pollution Control in Asia" -Aiming to simultaneously solve problems with air pollution, climate change, and the SDGs in the Asia-Pacific Region- Tokyo
11 May 2019 The Commemorative Symposium on the IPCC Session convened in the City of Kyoto “To Realize a Decarbonized Society – the State of the World and Kyoto’s Challenge” Tokyo
19 February 2019 International Workshop
How Can Asia Manage Air Pollution and Climate Change? From Understanding Impacts to Implementing Solutions
22 November 2018 Sustainable Society Built by Team Kitakyushu
- Direction of Future International Environmental Cooperation -
16 October 2018 Role of information platform for integrated lake basin management (ILBM) in Asia: Lessons and pathways for SDGs Tsukuba
9 October 2018 Seminar
Future Outlook on the “The World in 2050” Project (TWI2050)
29 September 2018 PANCES Seminar on "Scenarios, Models, and Values of Biodiversity and Nature’s Contributions to People" Tokyo
18-19 July 2018 “International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific 2018【ISAP2018】” Yokohama
6 July 2018 "Climate Change, Globalisation and the Vulnerability of Cities" Co-hosted by IGES and UNU Tokyo
2 March 2018 “The role of integrated reporting in understanding and communicating on the SDGs and natural capital” Tokyo
25-26 July 2017 The 9th International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP 2017) Yokohama
15 June 2017 Seminar on Ecosystem Restoration Concessions in Indonesia Tokyo
31 January 2017 International symposium
IIASA and Japan ― Future prospects for closer collaboration centering around “The World in 2050 (TWI2050)” project ―
24 January 2017 IGES Symposium
Initiatives for the International Deployment of Japanese Low-carbon Technologies
14 November 2016 Ecosystem Scenarios & Models From Local to National Scales:
Contributions to IPBES Regional & Global Assessments
5-7 September 2016 ASIA PACIFIC CARBON FORUM 2016 (IETA Website)
Republic of Korea
12-13 July 2016 The eighth International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP 2016) Yokohama
16 April 2016
SDSN Japan Special Symposium
Mainstreaming Sustainable Development: Toward the 2016 G7 Summit and Beyond
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ISAP: International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific

IGES holds the International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) each year, bringing together experts, businesses, governments, international organisations and NGOs involved in international activities.