Review of GHG inventory capacity building projects in Viet Nam and Cambodia

Event: Talanoa dialogue for support providers in South and East Asia
Date: 2019/3/5 (Istanbul, Turkey)

Capacity building support by means of international development projects is considered vital for developing countries to respond to the enhanced transparency framework of the Paris Agreement. While numerous transparency-related capacity building support has already taken place in the last 20 years, few attempts have been made to understand lessons learned from previous experiences for future capacity building. The aim of our research is to generate understanding of capacity building support related to greenhouse gas inventories by reviewing and analyzing project documentations of Viet Nam and Cambodia. We used these projects as case studies to draw lessons learned for other countries with varying capacity development patterns. We analyzed both the financial scale and activities of these projects undertaken. We identified the following key lessons: (1) capacity building support was accelerated after biennial update reports became an additional submission requirement; (2) more capacity building support tended to be provided to a country with higher capacity than a country with stronger needs; (3) a country with higher capacity had more access to institutional capacity building support; and (4) there were relatively limited experiences of approaches for capacity building projects in countries with high needs. Our suggested way forward includes establishment of a simple but common monitoring and evaluation framework to connect various organizations and projects and direct resources where it is needed most and the openness to explore new options for countries with high needs.